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Welcome to All Kids 1st Learning Academy!

I have been an early childcare educator for over 20 years. I started as a Licensed Pre-school Teacher in my Family Home while my husband was serving his second tour at Camp Casey Korea and followed two tours to Bagdad Iraq. My success is based on “KIDS ‘come first and in 2003 my Pre-School Program caught the attention of the San Antonio Express that furthered a 3-page article about our program and the enrichment of children development and their success.

Today, I continue my dream of creating a learning environment that would stand out from the rest. I wanted to build a place where each child could work towards their individual potential. Working with children has become my passion. I am a wife of a Sargent Major and we have two amazing children, Mark and Israel, and we are grandparents of two boys, Ryan and Israel IV.

I consider myself to be a perfectionist when it comes to child education and pay a great deal of attention to the inner workings of my schools. I became an Advocate for children’s needs in Texas in 2004. I spent most of all my years in developing and educating with countless hours and unending research. During my first 10 years in teaching Preschool, majority of my children were scored in being gifted and talented and graduated one year or two years early from their High School today.

Here at All Kids 1st Learning Academy, we are committed to ensuring that is that every child’s need is met and that every child discovers their potential.